• On this tour we travel with our small group to five fantastic beer gardens around Prague. Prior to the tour starting we visit the award-winning Burger Letná for an organic 150-gram bacon-cheeseburger. We move on to the Letná beer garden with its incredible panoramic view of Prague. As we walk, our guide tells fascinating stories of torture, suicide, prison, secret police, nuclear bunkers, and the birth of Radio Stalin.
  • Letná Tour

    Coming on tour with us is like spending an evening with a friend. You will come away from this experience with a basic knowledge of life in the Czech Republic. Our guide will tell you fascinating stories from the Czech past which illustrate the struggle through Communism and revolution into the modern day.
  • Žižkov Tour

    This tour will move through the vibrant streets, sampling drinks from establisments such as a typical family-run Czech restaurant, a funky hipster bar, and an art deco club which has hosted bands such as The Strokes, Dead Kennedy’s, and Apollo 440.
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