About Us

Welcome and thank you for visiting Prague Alternative Bar Tour!!!

Our bar tour is unique in that we not only bring you to a selection of truly vibrant places, but you will get a chance to hang out with locals and expats and experience Prague’s magical energy first-hand. Our tour provides a new and unseen perspective on the city’s transformation from Communist rule to a free society today.

We are an independent, family-run licensed tour company. Our bar tour will take you away from the crowded city center into Prague’s vibrant neighborhoods, off the beaten path to places you otherwise wouldn’t find. We will show you funky, alternative bars and clubs where you can hang out with locals and expats and get a first-hand feel of what life in Prague has to offer.

Having lived in and travelled to many countries around the world, the one thing we constantly sought after was to discover the neighborhoods where locals lived and partied. These places are the hives of activity that we love so much. So we decided to set up Bohemian Alternative Bar Tour to share with you a side of Prague unseen by most.

With our bar tour you will get the opportunity to discover how the city really lives with its subcultures, urban art, and underground music scene. It gives you a chance to see this wonderful place from a completely different perspective.